Here at 1st Pest Control, we now offer a natural, biopesticide called Aprehend. Aprehend is composed of Beauveria bassiana fungal spores applied in a proprietary and patented formulation to control bed bugs. Unlike chemical insecticides, only one application is required to treat an infestation.

The treatment works by spraying Aprehend strategically in narrow strips, creating a barrier around areas where bed bugs are known to walk. When a bed bug walks across the Aprehend barrier, it picks up the fungal spores and carries them with it back to its nest or harbourage area. The spores are very easily transferred to other bed bugs. Within 20 hours of contact, the spores begin to germinate, penetrating the bed bug’s exoskeleton, allowing the spores to colonize inside the bed bug resulting in death. Bed bugs of all life stages and sex are killed within 4 – 10 days of contact with Aprehend. Due to its long-term activity, the Aprehend residue will provide up to 3 months of protection.

If you suspect a bed bug infestation in your home, the best starting point is to have a K9 inspection completed.  Click here to learn more about K9 services.

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