1st Pest Control consistently provides the best pest control services in Vancouver and the surrounding areas. Our Certified Pest Control Technicians service the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. From Lions Bay to Chilliwack, we provide professional pest control services, always conducted in an eco-friendly manner. Our services are 100% satisfaction guaranteed – contact us today!

Areas We Serve

Along with providing home and business owners in Vancouver with expert pest control solutions, 1st Pest Control also serves a variety of areas around B.C. Those areas include:

Additional Services


Our preparation service is designed to stage a residence before our Certified Pest control Technicians begin an infestation treatment.

Pest Entry Point Exclusion

We conduct inspections of your property to identify entrances used by rodents, birds and wildlife to enter your home. We will seal off these points of access to prevent animals from re-entering. We provide pest point of entry exclusion services as a preventative measure and as part of our pest control program.

Odour Control

We offer high quality deodourizing products that will help remove odours caused by pest infestation. In addition, we can provide ozone and hydroxyl generators to address heavier odours.


Our post-treatment service is designed to re-stage your residence for occupancy. We will conduct a thorough clean of your home and remove dead insects and related wastes, so you don’t have to.


We provide cleaning services for infested attic and crawl space. Our procedure involves the removal of insulation and filth related to infestation, including droppings and nests, and the thorough cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces.

Affiliated Companies

1st Pest Control proudly serves alongside sister companies 1st Hoarding Clean Up and 1st Trauma Scene Clean up. Our companies specialize in services for people when they are at there most vulnerable, always prioritizing compassion and discretion.

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