What do they look like?

Fleas are flat, wingless insects that are brown in color. They comprise of a three-part body (head, thorax and abdomen), antennae and three pairs of legs. A flea’s posterior legs are significantly longer allowing it to jump great distances. Most species have a distribution of short spines, or combs, along their bodies. Fleas are approximately 1/16 to 1/4 of an inch in length, though vary in size depending on the species.

Where do they come from?

Fleas are parasitic insects that feed on blood. Typically, fleas come from an infested environment (e.g. yard, kennel), or from an infested host. They find new hosts by jumping on humans or animals in direct contact or in close proximity. Without flea control, these pests migrate inside to find new food sources. They enter through cracks, crevices and gaps along the perimeter of a building.

Will they cause any damage to my home or business?

Fleas do not normally cause damage to a home or business. Heavy infestation may require the disposal of pet furniture and bedding.

Will they cause me or my family to become sick?

Fleas are well-known carriers of diseases and pose a notable health risk to humans and animals. These insects are associated with diseases such as cat-scratch fever, typhus and the plague. They also carry tapeworms which can be easily spread to animals when they swallow these insects while grooming. Common symptoms of flea bites are swelling, redness and itchiness. Allergic reactions may cause rashes to form on the skin. The constant scratching of affected sites may lead to fur loss and additional skin problems. If animals are severely infested, they may become anemic. Their presence is known to cause emotional and psychological distress to those living in the affected residence.

Where will I generally find them in my home or business?

Fleas are predominantly found on pets and in areas these animals frequent. They may also found in the surrounding outdoors, such as your yard, where animals may have first come into contact with fleas. As they are mobile creatures with the ability to jump notable distances, fleas may be found in other areas of the house once indoors. However, they are generally concentrated close to their food source.

Why do I have to get rid of them?

Fleas pose significant health risk to animals and humans. They transfer diseases and parasites that may cause severe health conditions. In addition, flea bites may become unbearable and very stressful for occupants of an infested residence.

How can 1st Pest Control help?

At 1st Pest Control we specialize in pest and wildlife remediation, such as flea treatment. Fleas are prevalent throughout single family homes, multi-family buildings and commercial properties in the Lower Mainland. With industry-leading techniques and flea control methods, you can feel secure that your home or business is being treated to the highest industry and safety standards by our Certified Pest Control Technicians. By combining both environmentally-friendly pest control services and an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach, we will create a specialized treatment program tailored to your specific location and infestation. Our mission is to eradicate pests in your home or business to give you peace of mind and to ensure the safety of you and those you care about.

When can we get started?

Today! Call 1st Pest Control and our Certified Pest Control Technicians and friendly office staff will begin creating a customized treatment program to get your pest problem under control. 1-844-PEST-CANADA (737-8226).

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