1st Pest Control provides residential pest control services throughout the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley.


Pest infestations may compromise the health and safety of you and your family. Some insects and nuisance wildlife are known to demonstrate aggressive behavior and their activities typically result in property damage. Pests are also potential carriers of infectious diseases and contaminate the surfaces they come into contact with. This is of particular concern if they find entry into your home and are exposed to your food and your personal belongings.

At 1st Pest Control, our Certified Pest Control Technicians will inspect your home to create a customized program to safely and effectively address your pest population. Having your home inspected is the first step towards granting you a greater piece of mind.

Residential Property Maintenance

Pests inhabit the same environment that people do and as such, are commonplace in our homes and gardens. Birds and wildlife, in particular, become a nuisance when they come into close proximity of your home, subsequently endangering you and other people nearby. Pests are known to chew, gnaw and dig into the structure of your home. Insects are particularly familiar household pests as their small size allows them to crawl through numerous openings leading into your residence. These pests not only cause damage, but may pose a notable threat to the health and safety of you and your family.

Our Certified Pest Control Technicians will create a residential home pest control program tailored to your pest problem. Establishing a pest control program at an early stage may be more cost-effective for long-term property maintenance with the application of preventative measures and monitoring. The sooner your pest problems are addressed, the less chance for them to cause additional damage to your home!


Where there are pests and wildlife in your neighbourhood, there is a likelihood they will migrate periodically (e.g. seasonally) on to your property. Occasionally, one-time pest control treatments are insufficient to remove these rises in pest populations in and around your home. To ensure these pests do not enter or return to your property in the future, our Certified Pest Control Technicians will continue to monitor your home at scheduled intervals.

At 1st Pest Control, we will create a schedule for the periodic monitoring of your home that is convenient for you. After each inspection, our Certified Pest Control Technicians will alter your pest control program to correspond with your most current pest situation. A written report will also be submitted with each inspection. Let us take care of your residential pest problems, so you don’t have to.


Cracks and crevices, holes, niches, soft or worn down sections along the perimeter of buildings are all susceptible to damage by pests and wildlife. They may also enter your home through these openings. As a result, preventative pest control measures become essential steps to reinforce your home against these pests. Installing preventative controls will protect you and your family against the potential health and safety risk posed by pests, including diseases and what may become extensive structural damage caused by feeding, gnawing, digging and nesting activities.

At 1st Pest Control, our Certified Pest Control Technicians will inspect the perimeter of your home for areas that may be used by pests and wildlife to enter the building. Our point-of-entry exclusion services comprise of barring these entry points using various materials and methods depending on the type and location of each opening.

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