What do they look like?

Bed bugs are flat and oval in shape, have no wings, lack the ability to jump, are primarily nocturnal and prefer to feed at night. Mature bed bugs are reddish-brown and comparable in size and shape to an apple seed. Eggs are translucent to white in colouration. Young bed bugs are yellowish-white, very small, and start out at approximately one millimeter long in size and growing up to four to five millimeters as an adult. They feed on blood and have a preference for human hosts. A recently fed bed bug will be inflated, longer and are of a dark reddish-brown appearance.

Where do they come from?

Bed bugs are small and hard to detect, allowing them to travel easily from one place to another. Multi-family residences are highly vulnerable to bed bug infestations as it is difficult to eliminate possible entry locations from adjoining units. They will typically enter through baseboards, electrical sockets, under doors, and other small cracks and crevices. Bed bugs move quickly by crawling and can travel up to 20 feet in one night. Single-family residences and businesses are also susceptible to bed bug infestation with method of entry normally by a bed bug “hitchhiking” its way into your property on your personal, contaminated belongings such as your suitcases, clothing, shoes, purses, backpacks and so on.

How do I know if I have bed bugs?

Usually, individuals who have a bed bug infestation may notice small bites on their body. However, an accurate way of determining if you have bed bugs may be to physically find the bugs themselves. The following is a list of what and where to search for if you are concerned about a bed bug infestation:

  • Adult bed bugs – 5-7mm (roughly the size of an apple seed when fully grown – flat, oval shaped with 6 legs and 2 antennae – reddish-brown colouration)
  • Young bed bugs (nymphs) – 5 stages of growth, 1.5mm-4.5mm, translucent to reddish brown colouration depending on stage of growth
  • Cast skins (golden colouration)
  • Bed Bug eggs – 1mm and are usually white or translucent in colouration
  • Fecal stains (black colouration) – appear to look like cracked black pepper at a distance but will not wipe away when brushed (stained).

Will they cause any damage to my home or business?

Bed bugs leave droppings and stains that are especially noticeable on fabric material. At a distance, droppings resemble cracked black pepper on a mattress, pillow or item of furniture. If a bed bug has recently fed on a human, they may also leave blood stains on surfaces. As a result, bed and furniture items may need to be replaced if infested. Without bed bug treatment, your business may be left with a tarnished reputation and liability issues.

Will they cause me or my family to become sick?

While bed bugs are not known to spread diseases, infestation is still considered a health concern. Reactions from bed bug bites are different for each person and range from no reaction to itchiness, swelling, redness, and other skin problems. Bed bug infestations may also affect the emotional and psychological well-being of the home owner or tenant.

Where will I generally find them in my home or business?

Bed bugs have numerous hiding places and may be found throughout a residence. However, bed bugs prefer to reside near humans, who are their food source. They are attracted to human pheromone, carbon dioxide and heat. Primarily, bed bugs will be concentrated in and around mattresses, bedframes, box springs, coffee tables and seating areas (e.g. fabric couches and sofas) where human hosts commonly remain sitting or sleeping for long periods of time. This allows the bed bug to feed undisturbed.

Why do I have to get rid of them?

Without bed bug extermination, these pests will damage household furniture and other objects, causing the need for forced replacement of the items in order to eliminate the infestation. The presence of bed bugs is stressful for those affected and might lead to the sleeplessness, anxiety and other health-related issues.

How can 1st Pest Control help?

At 1st Pest Control, we specialize in pest and wildlife remediation, such as bed bug treatment. Bed bugs are prevalent throughout single family homes, multi-family buildings and commercial properties in the Lower Mainland. With industry-leading techniques and pest control methods, you can feel secure that your home or business is being treated to the highest industry and safety standards by our Certified Pest Control Technicians. We are more than just bed bug exterminators – by combining both environmentally-friendly pest control services and an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach, we will create a specialized treatment program tailored to your specific location and infestation. Our mission is to eradicate pests in your home or business to give you peace of mind and to ensure the safety of you and those you care about.

If you suspect a bed bug infestation in your home, the best starting point is to have a K9 inspection completed. Our certified handler and specially trained dog can detect bed bugs and their eggs in your home with over 95% accuracy. Click here to learn more about K9 services.

1st Pest Control offers bed bug chemical treatment, non-chemical bed bug treatment, and bed bug heat treatment remediation options, which will be tailored to your budget and your infestation.

When can we get started?

Today! Call 1st Pest Control and our Certified Pest Control Technicians and friendly office staff will begin creating a customized treatment program to get your pest problem under control. 1-844-PEST-CANADA (737-8226).

At 1st Pest Control, we aim to help you reclaim your space from pests and wildlife.