Bed Bugs In Rental Units

Who is responsible for getting rid of bed bugs in rental units?

Bed bugs in rental units are a huge inconvenience and can be incredibly upsetting to discover as a tenant or a landlord. While these pests don’t cause any significant health risk, they can be difficult to get rid of, causing itchy bites and getting into possessions. Landlords and tenants must do their best to prevent bed bugs and work together to effectively eliminate them should an infestation occur.

Landlords and property managers must address bed bug infestations, per Landlord BC. Bed bug infestations aren’t emergencies since they’re so low-risk. While dealing with the infestation, landlords must respect tenant rights by giving 24-hour notice before entering a unit. To eliminate bed bugs rapidly, renters must follow landlord and pest control provider instructions.

Have you found bed bugs in your suite?

Bed bugs are chemically sensitive and hard to kill with commercial insecticides. DO NOT SPRAY YOUR UNIT. Contact your landlord for professional pesticide treatment.

Once reported or recognized by a landlord, the suite/unit must be thoroughly inspected. This will provide the pest control firm a baseline to work from, allowing them to make advice on how to prepare for treatment and define the following stages to guarantee the best result and bed bug extermination from the unit.

Can You Prevent Bed Bugs in Your New Rental?

The landlord and renter should view the new apartment first. This guarantees that both of you agree on unit cleanliness and condition. It will also let you check for mice, cockroaches, and bed bugs, which are frequent in rental properties. Know the indications before renting a place. Tenants should be told if the building has had bedbug problems, but they must expressly ask the owner.
Before moving into your new property, tenants should check their furniture and bedding for bed bugs. Moving vehicles often have bed bugs. Think of how many other people like you have hired this truck to help them move into a new home. Buy a mattress cover and cover other upholstered items like couches and chairs to prevent bugs from getting into your furniture.

Treatment Options for Bed Bugs in Rental Units

Even when we’re careful, bed bugs might come through guests, secondhand clothes or furniture, a vacation, or a neighbouring apartment. Any infestation must be addressed immediately. Landlords and renters may swiftly address issues by working together.

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