Pest Control Programs for Commercial & Industrial spaces

Don’t let pests take over your business. 1st Pest Control provides commercial and industrial pest control services throughout the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley.


Establishing a commercial pest control program is an essential component of a successful business. Pest infestations compromise the health and safety of both employees and customers. They are of notable concern in the food industry as they are associated with food contamination and overall unhygienic conditions. Pests are also considered harmful in other commercial and industrial settings owing to their destructive activities (e.g. structural damage, product contamination) and as potential carriers of infectious diseases. The presence of pests may cause consumer apprehension, and without proper pest control management, they may negatively affect the reputation and profitability of your business or property.

At 1st Pest Control, our Certified Pest Control Technicians will inspect your business and create a customized program to safely and effectively reduce your pest population. We cater to a variety of commercial and industrial settings such as restaurants, retail facilities, nurseries, warehouses, apartment buildings, construction sites, and so on. Having your property inspected is the first step to addressing your pest problems.

Property Maintenance Programs

Pests inhabit the same environments as people and as such, are commonplace not only in residential blocks but also in commercial and industrial settings. Birds and wildlife, in particular, become a nuisance when they come into close proximity or find themselves inside buildings or property, subsequently endangering people nearby. These pests may chew, gnaw, or dig into the structures of buildings in search of food or nesting grounds. Bird droppings can erode surfaces and cause permanent stains. Ultimately, property damage caused by pest activities may result in a significant financial loss for business owners.

Our Certified Pest Control Technicians will create a pest control program tailored to your property’s specific needs. The program may include removal and cleaning, treatment applications, installing preventative controls, and periodic monitoring of your property. In fact, establishing an industrial pest control program may be more cost-effective for long-term property maintenance. The sooner your pest problems are addressed, the less chance for them to cause additional damage to your property!


Where there is evidence of pests and wildlife in the general area, there is a likelihood they will enter your property. Commercial pest control methods to remove critters within and in close proximity to your business may not be sufficient as a one-time application. To ensure these pests do not enter or return to your property in the future, our Certified Pest Control Technicians will continue to monitor your property at scheduled intervals.

At 1st Pest Control, we will create a schedule for monitoring that is convenient for you. After each inspection, our Certified Pest Control Technicians will alter your pest control program to correspond with your most current pest situation. A written report will be submitted with each inspection. Let us take care of your pest problems, so you don’t have to.


Cracks and crevices, holes, niches, soft or worn down sections along the perimeter of buildings are all susceptible to damage from by pests and wildlife. If left unchecked, these critters may also use these areas as entry points into your property to forage for food, shelter, and comfortable nesting grounds. Preventative pest control measures become essential steps to reinforce your property against pests and wildlife. By doing so, you protect your business against potential health and safety hazards, economic damages, and loss of reputation that may result from a pest infestation. In the long term, establishing preventative measures is the most cost-effective method of pest control for your property.

At 1st Pest Control, our Certified Pest Control Technicians will inspect the perimeter of your property for areas that may be used by pests and wildlife to enter the building. Our point-of-entry exclusion services comprise of barring these entry points using various materials and methods depending on the type and location of each opening.

Wildlife Deterrents

1st Pest Control offers humane pest control methods against nuisance wildlife. Our Certified Pest Control Technicians are highly knowledgeable on a variety of wildlife deterrent systems and will provide you with recommendations specific to your pest situation. We offer wildlife deterrents such as, but not limited to, bird spikes, fencing, all-natural repellents, mesh, nets, and traps. Wildlife caught in traps is subsequently relocated. Wildlife deterrents can be installed as a preventative measure in conjunction with our point of entry exclusion services.

Our Certified Pest Control Technicians will assess your property and install wildlife deterrents to reinforce your property against nuisance wildlife.

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