Aprehend® is the highly-effective biopesticide guaranteed to eliminate bed bugs

We effectively exterminate bed bugs using a biopesticide called Aprehend®. It is a specially formulated to target bed bugs only that contains a  naturally occuring fungus called Beauveria bassiana that is lethal to bed bugs, but harmless to humans and pets.

Technician applying Aprehend biopestice treatment against bed bugs

How does Aprehend® kill bed bugs? (The most effective bed bug control method)

  • Aprehend®, a non-toxic biopesticide is sprayed strategically around bed frames, box springs, and furniture where bed bugs are likely to walk, creating a barrier of Beauveria bassiana fungal spores.
  • Bed bugs become carriers transferring Aprehend® to other bedbugs they contact.
  • The fungal spores germinate within 20 hours of contact and then penetrate the cuticle of the bed bug and colonize inside, creating toxins and depleting the bed bug of nutrients until it dies.
  • Bed bugs of all life stages, sex, or feeding status are killed within four to ten days following short-term contact with a treated surface.

Why we recommend Aprehend® to eliminate bed bugs?

  • Excellent proven results.
  • Provides up to three months of protection.
  • 100% safe for humans and pets.
  • Eliminates nymphs and adults within two weeks of contact.
  • No chemicals, no odours.
  • Only one application is required to treat an infestation.
  • Ideal for single-family homes, multi-family housing, senior living facilities, shelters, campgrounds, hotels and more.

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