The village of Anmore is located just north of Port Moody and is surrounded by forested areas, lakes, and mountains. Due to this, pest infestation problems are very common in the area, as rodents, pests and all types of insects that inhabit the surrounding area make their way into the homes of residents in the Anmore area. 1st Pest Control offers effective and cost-efficient pest control solutions to all residents of Anmore that experience any type of pest infestation.

Residential Pest Control Services in Anmore

Pest infestations can be extremely harmful to your property or even your own health. Whether you have just detected you have a problem or are in the late stages of an infestation, 1st Pest Control offers expert residential pest control services to residents in Anmore. Our experienced professionals will create a customized plan to solve your problem and keep pests out for good. Call us today, or read more about our residential pest control service here.

Pest Infestation Reports

Prior to the construction or demolition of a building, a pest infestation report is required to ensure there are no current pest infestation issues present. 1st Pest Control can provide you with the report you need to move forward with your construction or demolition process. Call us today to learn more!

When can we get started?

Today! Call 1st Pest Control and our Certified Pest Control Technicians and friendly office staff will begin creating a customized treatment program to get your pest problem under control. 1-844-PEST-CANADA (737-8226).

At 1st Pest Control, we aim to help you reclaim your space from pests and wildlife.