What is a K9 inspection team?

A certified K9 inspection team is comprised of a handler and a dog who have been extensively trained in the detection of live bed bugs and their eggs. A dog’s ability to smell is far more acute, at approximately forty times greater, than our human capacity for smell, making them extremely effective at bed bug detection. In fact, fully certified dogs and their handlers are able to detect bed bugs with an accuracy rate upwards of 95%.

A K9 inspection team will conduct regular training exercises in bed bug detection to ensure the team is always operating at peak for an inspection. While they are busy working dogs, they are well cared for by their handlers and do have days off to rest and play.

Our K9 inspection team will have the ability to inspect a variety of properties including single family homes, multi-dwelling buildings, offices, medical facilities, social housing and commercial properties in the Lower Mainland.

How does the service work?

Once a K9 inspection is scheduled, a pre-inspection checklist will be issued to you in advance to prepare your residence for the K9 team’s arrival. We recommend that you follow the instructions listed as best as possible. The more diligent you are with the preparation process the more effective the dog will be and the more thorough the inspection.

Our K9 inspection team will arrive at your residence at the appointed time and the handler will first to conduct a pre-inspection of the area that entails a safety hazard evaluation and to confirm the area is sufficiently prepared for the dog to conduct the inspection. Factors such as potential harbourage sites and the best path for the dog to move through the home will be determined.

If you have any allergies, please let us know in advance. Our dogs are regularly bathed and groomed. The K9 inspection team will work with you to minimize potential effects caused by the dog.

Please remember that bed bug detector dogs are working dogs and are not to be petted.

How can a K9 inspection team help you?

Have you been travelling recently? Have you brought in used items into your home?

Have you noticed insect activity on your bed or furniture? Are you waking up with itchy red marks on your skin?

A bed bug infestation is a health concern. Reactions from bed bug bites are different for each person and range from no reaction to itchiness, swelling, redness, and other skin problems. Bed bug bites may also have a delayed onset of symptoms, days or weeks after being bitten. The presence of bed bugs is stressful for those affected and might lead to the sleeplessness, anxiety, and other health-related issues.

If you have suspicions that your home may be harbouring bed begs, A K9 inspection team is your best option for the detection of these parasitic insects. While bed bug traps and human inspections are viable ways to detect bed bugs, a K9 inspection team has the ability to identify even one live bed bug or viable egg that may be missed by conventional visual inspection methods.

Service from a K9 inspection team will provide you with peace of mind knowing that a fully certified dog known for its extensive training, powerful scent, and considered one of the most reliable bed bug detection methods out there, has inspected your home.

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