Burrowing Animals - moles, gophers, and ground squirrel pest control

Don't let these pests ruin your yard or golf course

Gophers are a major headache for golf course operators as they can quickly destroy fairways and putting greens.


Rats are also a major concern as they can destroy fruit plants and vegetables in orchards and other plantations


A family of prairie dogs can quickly destroy the soil in and around plantations rendering it useless.

Prairie Dogs

Voles can cause significant damage to parks and sporting facilities.


Moles are among the most destructive burrowing rodents and can cause significant damage to property.


Why are burrowing animals so destructive?

Moles create tunnels on the surface of the ground. They are capable of excavating a surface tunnel at a rate of one foot per minute and consume over fifty percent of their body weight in insects on a daily basis. Moles tend to congregate in lawn areas that are shady, moist, and fertile because that is where they can find the greatest concentration of soil insects. Hibernation is not an option for moles.

They subsist on the insect larvae that hibernate during the colder months. In spite of the fact that they are related to shrews and eat insects rather than plants, moles can cause damage to plants by creating air pockets around the roots of the plants. Moles are territorial. Except for the time during the spring when they are mating, they will not allow another mole to enter their tunnels. Therefore, it’s likely that a single animal is responsible for all of the damage you see.

The fact that the mole consumes insects, such as grubs, other insect larvae, and slugs, allows it to be viewed as potentially beneficial in some contexts. Moles also eat earthworms, and some species will even consume small snakes and mice if given the opportunity.

However, moles and the tunnels they create can cause damage to a variety of landscapes, including cemeteries, parks, gardens, and golf courses. When they tunnel, they remove soil from around the roots of plants, which can kill the plants (the unprotected roots then dry out and die). The movements of the mole could also be responsible for the spread of plant diseases. These tunnels are used by pests such as voles, field mice, and other rodents so that they can feed on the exposed roots. Click here to request a no-obligation quote.

Types of properties normally affected by burrowing animals

Golf courses are regularly affected by burrowing rodents such as gophers and moles.

Golf courses

Burrowing rodents can be devastating in orchards as they can destroy and devastate fruit plants and vegetables.


Public parks are also affected by the destructive effects of burrowing animals.


Sport facilities can be greatly affected by burrowing rodents.

Sport facilities

Roadways and pubic spaces are also targeted by burrowing rodents.


Smoke technology that gets rid of burrowing animals fast and effectively

Pest control technician treating area affected by burrowing pests

Direct targeting of burrowing rodents within the burrow system.

A massive entrance hole done by burrowing pests in a golf course

No reliance on bait acceptance that sometimes hinders rodenticide and trapping efforts.

The treatment of areas affected by burrowing pests don't harm non-target species

Highly effective

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