A new generation of innovative rodent control: Eco-friendly, humane and and effective.

A new generation of innovative rodent control: Eco-friendly, humane and and effective.

Ekomille is a revolutionary pest control solution that is not only highly effective in managing pest populations but is also completely safe for birds of prey. Hawks, eagles and owls, are essential for maintaining a balanced ecosystem by controlling rodent populations. However, traditional pest control methods, such as rodenticides, often pose a threat to these magnificent birds.


100% eco-friendly

  • Does not require the use of toxic baits and poisons, it is 100% safe for birds of prey.
  • Ekomille has been gaining popularity among environmentalists for its safety and effectiveness.
  • Reduces the risk of accidental harm to raptors as they may become entangled in traps or injure themselves while trying to access bait, leading to unnecessary harm and suffering.
  • Natural feed is only used as bait to attract rodents.

Humane trapping

  • Humanely captures and eliminates rodents with no suffering, ensuring ethical pest control.
  • Unlike traditional rodent control systems such as rodenticides or glue traps, the rodent succumbs practically without pain, and in a matter of seconds.
  • Ekomille is a discreet and low-stress trapping system that does not subject pests to unnecessary fear or suffering.
  • Overall it offers a more humane and ethical approach to pest control by prioritizing the well-being of animals and the environment.

Safer than traditional methods

  • Significantly reduces or even eliminates contamination, and health risks associated with rodent infestations.
  • No use of toxic chemicals that can contaminate the environment and water sources, putting both humans and animals at risk of exposure.
  • Unlike traditional rodent control methods that often require repeat applications of toxic chemicals, which can be harmful to the environment and costly in the long run, Ekomille eliminates rodents at the first contact.

Hygienic system

  • Rodents are contained within the machine, preventing their escape and the risk of contact with humans, birds of prey and wildlife.
  • Prevents rodent populations from rebounding.
  • It provides a healthier and safer living or working environment.

Highly effective

  • All catches are accounted for.
  • Lower maintenance requirements: Ekomille may only require periodic maintenance and servicing.
  • Ekomille employs sensors that allow it to continuously detect and trigger on rodent activity.
  • Once captured, rodents are contained within the trap, eliminating odours, until rodents are safely removed from the trap.

How does Ekomille work?

A 1st Pest Control technician will examine your location and depending of the level of infestation, he will recommend deploying one or more machines in impacted areas.

Rodents are drawn to the machine by natural feed that has been strategically placed in and around the machine. Rodents are led to a section where a trap door is triggered and the rodent falls into a container housing an alcohol-based solution, making the rodent succumb within seconds thus eliminating any suffering.

High population locations will quickly experience a significant reduction in rodents creating a safer and healthier environment. Ekomille ensures a quick, reliable and quantifiable trapping process.

We tested an Ekomille machine in a restaurant in the Vancouver area and the results speak for themselves.

To prove its effectiveness, we put Ekomille to the test! In October 2023 we conducted a test in a Vancouver area restaurant that was plagued by rodents. Within just 40 days, Ekomille successfully trapped an astounding 14 rats, and effectively regained control over the rodent problem! This remarkable result demonstrates how Ekomille can swiftly tackle even the most severe rodent infestations.


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