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Rodents in the house is one of the most unpleasant situations one can encounter!

Here’s a quick list of signs that might tell you of the presence of rodents:

One of the most common signs:
○ Chewed electrical wires
○ Sunflower or other seeds, or partially chewed pet food in the back of drawers that you obviously didn’t put there.
○ Pieces of chewed toilet paper, newspaper, or other types of paper in unusual places.
○ Tooth marks on doors or cabinets.
○ Droppings resembling grains of rice, or larger than about 2 cm sausage-shaped.
○ You hear scratching or screeching noises behind walls, especially at night.
○ If you have a cat and it’s staring at the wall for no reason. You know they can detect things happening around them that humans can’t.
○ Strong odours in some places in the house.


If you see any of these signs, be on the alert! It is very likely that there are already more rodents in the house.

<<<< Interesting fact>>>>>>
Did you know that a female rat can produce as many as 12 new pups every 23 days?

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