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Since the cold weather has officially arrived in Vancouver, BC and Christmas is approaching fast, British Columbians can anticipate “near-normal winter temperatures“. But what does that imply for pests like rodents? Do rodents have the ability to endure the cold? Shortly, I’d say yes.

Rats and mice get ready for the lower temperatures just as everyone else does. Whatever the reason, it will cause a lot of pest problems for both homeowners and businesses, whether they are stocking up on food or looking for warmer places to live. Let’s discuss how mice can endure the cold.

How do mice endure the cold weather?

Unlike many people think, mice hibernate at various points in time. Due to the widespread notion that pest control is not important during the winter, there are many misconceptions regarding it. That is regrettably not the case. All year long, mice will continue to search for food and shelter. On the contrary, during the colder seasons, they really pose a bigger threat to people. Mice often retreat to their nests as the temperature drops, although they occasionally leave to look for food. Wherever it is warm and safe from predators and near a food source they will build their nests. These factors make our homes the ideal locations for mice to build theirs.

How to stop mice from getting into your house

You can take a number of preventative measures to keep mice out of your property. Mice will look for cracks and gaps in the walls, floors, and foundations of homes. Due to their tiny sizes, mice can fit through a dime-sized hole, so don’t ignore a little opening because you assume they can’t enter. The best thing to do is do a comprehensive inspection of your house to look for gaps and cracks. You must seal these potential access sites once you’ve located them with materials like steel wool, cement, or metal. Don’t cut corners on the repairs because mice will eat through paper, cardboard, and wood.

Other ways to keep mice out of your house include:

  • To stop mice from scurrying through the space, install door sweeps.
  • Make sure your house is as clean as you can.
  • Install screens for chimney openings, windows, and vents.
  • Keep basements and attics clean and well-ventilated.
  • To cut off the supply of food, keep unused food in sealed containers.
  • Eliminate water sources by clearing clogged drains and leaking pipes.
  • Keep trash cans covered.

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