Heat Treatment

Heat treatments are extremely effective in the elimination of bed bugs as they begin to die at a temperature of 50°C/122°F sustained over a period of time. The treatment procedure involves sealing the unit, increasing the temperature within the unit and installing fans to circulate hot air through the area and into obscure places that are potentially harbouring bed bugs. Bed bug heat treatments take approximately six to eight hours on average, however the time will vary depending on multiple factors, including the size and layout of the infested area (e.g. single homes, apartment, studios, isolated rooms).

At 1st Pest Control, we use a combination of specialized thermal remediation heaters and propane-powered heaters. Propane-powered heaters produce and distribute substantially more heat than the conventional electric heaters leading to a more successful treatment. We operate heater models, LB80 and LB170, both of which produce different heat outputs. The type of heater model used will vary depending on the size of the infested area. LB80 will be installed in smaller units, whereas LB170 is capable of heating up significantly larger units. Our minimum target temperature for heat treatments are 50°C/122°F sustained over 30 minutes. Where possible, we will increase the temperature to 63°C/145°F for instant kill. Our bed bug heat treatment programs include partial chemical treatments to ensure a comprehensive coverage of your residence in an effort to eliminate all live bed bugs and their eggs.

Please note that a K9 inspection is required prior to a heat treatment in order to effectively locate all harbourage sites of the bed bugs within your unit.

Moving Truck Heat Treatment

At 1st Pest Control, we are able to conduct heat treatments in the cargo box of a truck. The truck creates an ideal containerized space for isolating and increasing heat at a faster rate than in a building where there may be numerous openings along the perimeter leading from the outside or into another room. Infested furniture and objects are placed inside the truck and treated separately from the unit. A truck can also be moved to various locations providing you with greater flexibility for your convenience.

1st Pest Control provides this heat treatment service as an affordable alternative to larger scale treatments associated with residential and commercial property. Having your infested furniture treated may save you the cost of having to replace them. Heat treatments may also be considered if you decide to bring in used items into your property and would like to take preventative measures for greater peace of mind. This is particularly relevant for businesses considering the bulk purchase of used furniture.

If you do decide to throw away your furniture, ensure each item is properly wrapped to contain the infestation then discard at a landfill. If items are not properly discarded, there may be a chance your furniture will end up in another person’s home, which will perpetuate the pest problem.

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