Raptor Safe Program

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Raptor Safe Program

At 1st Pest Control, we are constantly searching for green alternatives and solutions to the traditional forms of chemical, pesticide, and rodenticide-based pest control treatments. We are now happy to offer the Raptor Safe Program which uses the A24 Automatic Trap; this device allows for the humane killing of mice and rats without the use of rodenticides. These traps will help protect raptor bird species as well as non-target wildlife by completely eliminating the use of rodenticides and in turn eliminating the risk of secondary poisonings.

We will be offering these stations as part of our home protection programs, monthly maintenance programs, and our new raptor safe exterior rodent control program.

The A24 – Automatic trap is CO2 powered and will include a digital strike counter as well as a non-target species “blocker” to help protect birds and other wildlife.

How the Raptor Safe program works

The Initial Visit:

  • One of our knowledgeable and certified service technicians will visit your home for a full home/business assessment. During this assessment our technician will locate any potential points of entry into the structure, recommend exclusion work if any points of entry are found, as well as recommend environmental modifications for your property that will limit access/nesting locations for rats and mice.
  • Your service technician will install toxin free rodent detection cards around your property to help identify the best locations for our rodenticide free traps.
  • Your service technician will discuss available device options and pricing.

The Second Visit

  • After 3 nights of monitoring using our toxin free detection cards, your service technician will return to your property and recommend trap placement based off their findings.
  • During this visit your technician will install the rodenticide free pest control devices and your program will commence.

Ongoing Maintenance – Raptor Safe Program 

  • Properties with “normal” activity will require servicing on a monthly basis however your technician will constantly be assessing your property and may recommend an increase to bi-weekly service, or a decrease of service to every second month or longer.

What to expect

  • During your ongoing maintenance program your service technician will monitor each pest control device that has been installed on your property.
  • Continuous inspection of the property to ensure no new points of entry are created.
  • Removal of all dead rodents found within the vicinity of our stations.
  • Maintenance of each station which will include rebaiting, reloading, minor repair or replacement, repositioning, cleaning, etc.
  • A detailed service report with recommendations will be supplied during each visit, accompanied with a digital report to be sent via email during our billing cycle.

Why should I choose the Raptor Safe Program?

Our Raptor Safe Program is for anyone who is:

  • Concerned about the use of rodenticides in their neighbourhood, around their children or pets, living in a rural, or even low density suburban areas where wildlife may be more present.
  • In or around bird sanctuaries, for properties that have special restrictions, or limitations that would prevent the use of traditional methods.
  • For the environmentally aware customer who is, like us at 1st Pest Control, committed to finding environmentally conscious alternatives.
  • These, as well as countless other reasons, contribute to why our Raptor Safe Program is a superior alternative to other maintenance programs.
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