Non-Chemical Bed Bug Treatment

A non-chemical bed bug treatment involves steaming and vacuuming an infested unit in its entirety, including walls, baseboards, ceilings, carpets and furniture content. These bed bug control methods are a safe, environmentally-friendly approach that does not require the use of chemical applications. Periodic vacuuming will remove a significant amount of bed bugs from an infested unit. While the method does not completely eliminate bed bugs, it will control bed bug numbers by impeding rapid population growth. Steamers are notably more effective as they produce extremely high heat that will kill bed bugs and their eggs upon application. Steam is manually applied across all surface areas, with particular attention towards filling cracks, crevices and folds potentially harbouring bed bugs.

At 1st Pest Control, our Certified Pest Control Technicians are highly knowledgeable in the identification and removal of bed bugs. Our non-chemical treatment program comprises of a two-part treatment, placed two weeks apart. At your request, we are able to conduct a non-chemical treatment in conjunction with a chemical treatment; the combination of the two methods provide highly effective bed bug control. However, a non-chemical bed bug regimen alone is advisable for those concerned about allergic reactions to chemical applications.

If you suspect a bed bug infestation in your home, the best starting point is to have a K9 inspection completed.  Click here to learn more about K9 services.

Please note that a K9 inspection is required prior to this treatment in order to effectively locate all harbourage sites of the bed bugs within your unit.

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